Manx Cats

Why you’ll love our Manx Cats

If you want one of the most personable and entertaining cats, if you like being met at the door when you return home and questioned about your day, if you like a cat that may levitate to high places with the strength of his powerful back legs, a cat that doesn’t claw furniture or climb curtains but chases mice and spends a fair part of the day pontificating about world affairs, a cat that might be compared to a bowl of fruit because his eyes are like cherries, his head round like a grapefruit, his bottom chunky like a cantaloupe & and his ear set curved like a slice of watermelon, a rare breed of cat that evolved on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea, a cat that likes water as well as grog, who will be your devoted pal and loyal family member~you should consider one of our Manx kittens!

You should know about the curious state of the Manx’s tail. Manx cats are born sometimes tailed, sometimes with just an extra vertebra or two giving the appearance of a stump or nub, and sometimes with a totally rounded rump that allows your hand to pass over it’s back, around his rump, and down his back legs with no interruption. Tailed Manx often have their tales docked to avoid problems associated with arthritis later in life. Rumpies are the only ones allowed to be shown at the Cat Associations CFA & TICA. Stumpies make perfect pets and are an integral part of any Manx breeding program. So, to start off, you should decide if you have a preference for stumpy or rumpy.

Our goal is to conserve and share heritage and rare breeds raised on our farm. Manx cats, with their wonderful dog-like personalities, fit this goal perfectly. Our CFA-registered cats are raised to be accustomed to a varied diet and and well socialized to dogs, cats and lots of people. For more information about this wonderful breed please visit the following sites: